Yoshikazu@ 14:51 12-01-2013
Probably some of the best backing tracks I have heard, will definately use again.
Steven Forsyth@ 20:17 10-01-2013
I downloaded the Smooth Jam Track Series, great jam tracks for excellent prices. Hope there will be volume 4 in the future.
L White@ 09:17 10-01-2013
excellent backing tracks thanks very much
Shaun Matthews@ 21:09 09-01-2013
Two words for these backing tracks


Very many thanks
George@ 14:48 09-01-2013
These Jam tracks gave me new inspiration and keep me playing guitar for hours thanks!!
Peter Harison@ 10:55 09-01-2013
Thanks for the rock tracks, all sound awesome!
Robin@ 09:05 09-01-2013
Many thanks for the very usefull stuff and compliments for the great original tracks!
John@ 20:34 08-01-2013
Cool new Jam Track site, sounds all great!
Curt Davis@ 19:17 08-01-2013
I just downloaded Smooth Jam Tracks 1,2 and 3 package and i enjoy the great tunes. I will be soon back for more

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