Leon@ 11:33 31-01-2013
I agree the smooth jam tracks are great but i also like the rock tracks. Great jam track site!
Hermann@ 17:08 30-01-2013
Amazing and i mostly like the smooth jam track series
Patrick@ 20:20 29-01-2013
tasty backing tracks!
Roger@ 23:42 27-01-2013
This is good!!
Alexander Wilson@ 20:36 26-01-2013
original and very tasty backing tracks
Gilbert @ 23:12 24-01-2013
very good, i really like
jamie@ 12:09 24-01-2013
All we need for good practise, thank you 4nice backing tracks
Jake Conley@ 20:47 23-01-2013
Cool tracks and great quality
Andrew@ 09:49 20-01-2013
These jam tracks inspire me to play guitar, thnx!
Dylan@ 12:20 15-01-2013
Awesome jam series!
Antonio@ 00:32 15-01-2013
I like these jam tracks!
Alain@ 20:17 13-01-2013
Very good!!
W Rainesh@ 13:16 13-01-2013
Great tracks, this is what we guitarists need to jam and practise
Yoshikazu@ 14:51 12-01-2013
Probably some of the best backing tracks I have heard, will definately use again.
Steven Forsyth@ 20:17 10-01-2013
I downloaded the Smooth Jam Track Series, great jam tracks for excellent prices. Hope there will be volume 4 in the future.

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