Tim Pomerinke@ 03:32 13-12-2015
Just found your site by accident, but will be onsite and working with assorted tracks in the near future. Play professionally but always in need of home creativity.
Steven@ 12:03 30-11-2015
Good website and good backing tracks 23:45 07-11-2015
Gud site 23:45 07-11-2015
Gud site
Terence@ 16:30 04-09-2015
My first choice of backing tracks
Mike@ 15:37 06-08-2015
guitar heaven
Pete@ 22:23 25-06-2015
Yeah i like the Soul backings
Marco J@ 09:45 27-05-2015
The tracks are inspiring and the chord charts are very helpful
Booby E Watson@ 13:53 10-02-2015
For guitarists this is heaven!
billy bob boo@ 23:17 31-01-2015
you old boys rock son go get it son play that there guitar big boys!!!
Charlie@ 14:12 30-01-2015
Rock Ballads sounds really great.
Very helpful for my guitar practice
Kenneth@ 21:39 08-10-2014
A Minor backing tracks: sounds great, thanks to the jam track team!
Peter@ 16:42 03-09-2014
Just one word: GREAT!
Andrew@ 21:48 11-08-2014
David@ 16:39 08-08-2014
Just bought the lastest backing tracks Latin Grooves and they are great

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