James@ 16:11 21-07-2020
Absolute the best site for jam tracks!
Michael@ 18:41 01-02-2020
The most useful jam track site. Keep it up!
Franklin@ 20:57 26-12-2018
Love your site, the music is great. I love it!!!!!
Don Spraggins@ 02:27 24-11-2018
I highly recommend making the investment and purchasing tracks. Here is a sample. And I only been playing an instrument (soprano sax) for 2 years. Never played an instrument. These backing tracks are helping me play at a level I never imagined.
Jim@ 09:21 02-08-2018
I bought 2 Smooth tracks a few months back and have to say they are fun to work with....I WILL be back for some more soon!

Do you folks give a discount if I grab, say, 10 collections at one time?
Honey Massey@ 16:18 27-01-2018
Keep it up

Thanks a lot
Franklin@ 15:08 03-08-2017
I started playing again after 40 years! You guys are the best! My skills are still there and the tracks allow me to improvise and keep it real!
John@ 18:51 31-03-2017
Very good jam tracks!
Ryan@ 17:46 20-09-2016
Southern Rock is great!
Oscar@ 20:58 10-08-2016
A good way to make progress in playing. I can really recommend these backing tracks. The available chord charts and diagrams make it all complete. THANKS!
Rick Warmack@ 23:34 29-07-2016
Finally! Somebody to jam with.
paul murphy@ 17:27 14-06-2016
Great ...thanks
Dan@ 14:53 22-03-2016
Your jam tracks are the greatest. I've been playing guitar for close to 60 years and I'm having a blast with these. Thank you!!!!
George Cedric Booker@ 11:14 22-02-2016
Thanks, for all this great talent in one website. Very nice and useful, clean, smart and did i say groveeee!
Carlos E. Arellano@ 09:29 22-12-2015
Smooth Brazilian Grooves, at glance demos audition made me buy the whole package immediately! great one team, thanks!


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